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Regeneten Biologic Rotator Cuff Repair

Regeneten can help you heal your rotator cuff quickly and easily – with less time in a sling!

Regeneten is part of the regenerative medicine revolution!  It is an orthobiologic product that is revolutionizing the way we treat partial rotator cuff tears.  This lets us treat the failing biology behind cuff tears early, so they heal quickly and prevent bigger injuries in the future.  

That means you may only need to wear a sling for TWO DAYS after surgery!

Previously, we could sew a tendon down.  But it was up to the tendon to heal.  That meant 6 weeks in a sling and months of rehab.  But with Regeneten we have a new tool to induce that healing and boost your own body’s ability to repair itself.

At Bone and Joint Specialists of Winchester, Dr. James Larson is our shoulder specialist and one of the only surgeons in the area to offer this revolutionary treatment.

What is Regeneten?

The Regeneten implant is a patch of Type I collagen about the size of a postage stamp.  Type I Collagen is found throughout your body, especially in tendons.  The special weave and structure of the implant helps to induce healing in the rotator cuff, allowing it to thicken and even grow back to the bone.  That helps it repair partial cuff tears before they become complete tears.

How does Regeneten improve cuff repair surgery?

Using the Regeneten implant can drastically reduce your downtime after surgery.  If you are a candidate for this treatment, you can be out of your sling just two days after surgery.  That means a return to normal activity like work, driving, and taking care of your family weeks sooner than with other methods of treating partial rotator cuff tears.

There will still be some pain after the surgery.  And you need to be careful to avoid injuring the healing cuff tissue.  But you have far more freedom than you would with other rotator cuff surgeries.

How does Regeneten work?

Placement of the Regeneten implant is done through outpatient arthroscopic surgery at the surgery center.  The implant is spread over the damaged area of the rotator cuff and then attached with several small absorbable staples.

The Regeneten patch induces a healing response in the tendon, increasing the tendon thickness on both sides.  This allows the cuff tendon to restore its natural attachment points to the bone.  It is indistinguishable from native tendon after only three months.  The implant is completely absorbed by sox months, and we can see continued growth of the tendon for up to 12 months.

Why is the recovery so much quicker with Regeneten?

Previously, partial thickness tears were a difficult problem to treat.  They would often cause pain and difficulty with everyday activities like sports, sleeping, or even simply getting dressed.  But surgery required 6 weeks in sling and a lot of rehab. 

That’s because the older methods of treating partial cuff tears required us to complete the tear (make it go all the way through) and then repair it to the bone with sutures and anchors.  Then it took six weeks for the tendon to heal and allow you to safely use it.

But when the Regeneten implant is applied to the cuff, we don’t have to cut away any more tendon.  That means it is as strong after surgery as it was the day before.  After two days, we know the healing has begun and the implant is well fixed to the tendon so you can safely come out of the sling and use it for light everyday activities.

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