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Sports Injuries

We provide medical coverage to area high schools, clubs, and semi-pro teams and treat ACL injuries, meniscus injuries, rotator cuff tears and more.

Joint Replacement

We use top-quality Biomet products for our hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, and Oxford Partial Knee replacement procedures. We have years of experience helping you avoid joint replacements too!

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Hand Surgery

Our team are the only orthopedic surgeons in Winchester with extensive experience in many of the complicated and delicate procedures required for effective Hand Surgery. If you want something done right, you need someone who does it often. 

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Ortho-Now Prompt Care Clinic

Rapid treatment for sprains and broken bones is available via our prompt care ORTHO-NOW clinic. When you have an injury, you want it treated right away and we understand that. We treat most pediatric fractures, and Same-Day appointments are often available.

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Postoperative Care

We provide standardized recovery and rehabilitation protocols for our patients and their therapists. If you have lost or forgotten your instructions they can all be found online in our patient information section. If your surgeon modified your rehab program, you may have to call the office for specifics. Our most common forms are available below:

What’s New

  • What is a partial knee replacement, and is it right for me?

    Article by Richard J. Patterson, M.D.   Partial knee replacement is a procedure to address the arthritis pain in a limited area of the knee. Physicians divide the knee into three {compartments — patellofemoral compartment, medial tibiofemoral compartment and lateral tibiofemoral compartment. A patient with arthritis can have different compartments affected in a non-unifom fashion. […]


  • What is a torn hip labrum?

    Article by James W. Larson, III, M.D.   The labrum is a soft ring of cartilage that circles around the hip socket. It’s purpose is to make the hip more stable. It can be torn either in a single accident where the hip is twisted forcefully, or by repetitive damage due to a syndrome known […]


  • AOSSM In Motion E-Newsletter Winter 2017

    The quarterly American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine In-Motion newsletter is now available, this quarter’s featured articles are: | New Treatment for ACL Repair | Stress Fractures in Basketball | Are PRP injections a magic wand for fixing athletes? | Keep Rowing Injuries at Bay | You can click here to read/download it now.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Courtney

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Courtney received notification that he has passed the 2016 Recertification Examination.  Dr. Courtney achieved a percentile rank of 100% on his examination.  We at BJSW want to Congratulate Dr. Courtney on this outstanding achievement!