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The therapists at Bone and Joint Specialists work hand-in-hand with our surgeons to help you achieve the best outcomes.  

Our therapists have Doctorates in Physical Therapy and can assess and treat your injuries for several weeks before needing a physician’s prescription.  And we are happy to see patient referred by any doctor, not just the surgeons at Bone and Joint Specialists.

Learn more about our services and get on the road to recovery, today.

Physical Therapy – It’s more than just exercise! We start from the ground up, teaching your body to move properly.  After all, you can’t heal by simply doing more of what got you injured in the first place!  By starting with mobility and stability before moving on to strength and conditioning, we lay the groundwork for a speedy recovery through our individualized treatment plans.

Extended Hours – We offer appointment times that work with your busy life.  We have time open to see you in the morning before work and all day long into the evening to fit your schedule.

Recovery and Reconditioning - As you or your loved ones recover from illnesses and conditions, you may be left with varying levels of deconditioning and weakness.  We can help

Sports Medicine – We offer programs tailored to the physical demands of active people like you – the weekend warrior, the performing artist, or the competitive athlete.

Specialty Services - Our skilled therapists have received training and extended education to offer specialized services to meet the unique needs of your injury or condition.  This includes such techniques as joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, blood flow restriction therapy, and others.

Pediatric Therapy – We work with children from birth to age 21 and their families, offering excellent care through physical, occupational and speech language therapy services.

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