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Bone & Joint Specialists of Winchester is proud to announce that beginning August 24, 2020, we will be offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.  Dr. Larson will be providing this service to our patients.  We will be offering Affordable Autologous PRP Healing, Customized Autologous PRP Healing, and Amniotic Fluid Injections.  Affordable PRP only uses your own blood to extract growth factors and inject it back into the area.  It is best suited for knees and other joints.  Customized PRP is focused on your exact treatment area and is used to treat all joint and soft tissue problem areas.  Finally, we will be offering Amniotic Fluid Injections.  This will be pure amniotic fluid from screened donors.  It is suited for all soft tissue and wound care treatments and contains 100x more growth factor concentration than blood and is an option for patients contraindicated for blood or bone marrow withdrawal, cancer, blood disorders or infection. 

Please call our office at 540-667-9252 to learn more about this new innovative treatment being offered at Bone & Joint Specialists. 

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