Ortho-Now Sports Medicine

We have an extensive Sports Medicine service including our physicians as well as physician assistants and athletic trainers. 

Doctor Larson has completed an additional fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery.  Dr. Kemp has focused on sports medicine in his practice and has been the Team Surgeon for James Wood High School for many years. Laurie Bitting was trained and practiced as a Certified Athletic Trainer at the collegiate level for several years before returning to school to become a Physician Assistant.  She now supplements our sports coverage and ORTHO-NOW clinic for the acute care of injured athletes.  Jenny Ryan is a Certified Athletic Trainer in our office.  She was the trainer for Jefferson High School for several years and now acts as a trainer in our office.  She provides exercise instruction and coordinates with local athletic trainers for the rehabilitation of athletes.

Procedures Performed and Injuries Treated:

  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Meniscus Tear Repair and Treatment
  • Thrower’s Shoulder
  • Hip Labrum Tear
  • Shoulder Labrum Tear
  • Shoulder Instability Repair
  • SLAP tear repair
  • Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery
  • ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament ) Reconstruction
  • MCL and LCL injury treatment
  • Postero-lateral Corner Knee Reconstruction
  • Biceps Tendon Repair
  • Elbow Instability Repair or Reconstruction
  • Ankle Arthroscopy
  • Cartilage Restoration
  • Ankle Instability Repair
  • Stress Fractures
  • Elbow Ligament Injuries


What’s New

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  • What is a torn hip labrum?

    April 6, 2017

    Article by James W. Larson, III, M.D.   The labrum is a soft ring of cartilage that circles around the hip socket. It’s purpose is to make the hip more stable. It can be torn either in a single accident where the hip is twisted forcefully, or by repetitive damage due to a syndrome known […]