Ortho-Now Prompt Care

The ORTHO-NOW Prompt Care Clinic is here to serve you!  We provide the same treatment for orthopedic injuries that was previously only available through the Urgent Care clinic or Emergency Room.  We have implemented this service to provide prompt access and care for patients with recent sports injuries, acute fractures & dislocations, and other similar acute orthopedic injuries.  This allows for our patients to be seen and treated immediately by orthopedic specialists.  


Ortho-Now Prompt Care Clinic


The ORTHO-NOW service is for patients who have suffered an acute orthopedic injury within the past 7 days and are in need of care.  Patients are often referred to ORTHO-NOW from the Emergency Department and occasionally by their physician, and we try to provide plenty of appointments for same-day treatment.  We often perform simple procedures such as straightening of fractured or dislocated fingers in our office.  If you have an urgent injury, you will usually not need a referral from your primary care doctor to see us, but it is best to check with the scheduler when you call our office. 

To reach our schedulers, please call 540-536-6400.

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