Bone & Joint Specialists of Winchester, P.C. is proud to announce the addition of a new in-office procedure for our patients. The procedure is the Mi-Eye 2 by Trice Medical.  The procedure utilizes a device that consists of a disposable 14-gauge needle equipped with a camera and light source that attaches to a digital tablet for viewing.  The patient is able to observe the procedure via the tablet as it is taking place.  The procedure can be used for both Diagnostic Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy.   The practice will concentrate on using it to performing procedures on the knee for now.


Dr. James W. Larson is the physician that is performing this in-office procedure for his patients that are deemed appropriate.  He uses the procedure to both diagnosis potential injuries and to examine how identified knee injuries are healing.   Dr. Larson has found it to be a useful diagnostic tool in treating his patients.

The Mi-Eye 2 offers our patients an in-office alternative to an MRI to obtain an optimal diagnosis.  It is a cost-effective procedure that provides potential cost and quality-of-life benefits for our patients.  Please call Bone & Joint Specialists at (540) 667-9252 to ask about our new procedure and see if it is right for you.